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A brief introduction to the Fatima Center

Fatima-CenterSr La Salette Baisa and Sr Felicitas B. de Lima
Sr La Salette Baisa and Sr Felicitas B. de Lima

The Fatima Center is located in the south of the main island of Luzon in the Philippines, in Bicol, one of the poorest regions of the country, about 10 hours by bus from the capital Manila.

The children's home was founded and run by two nuns (Sister Felicitas and Sister La Salette) in 1974. Orphans, children from the poorest families, abused, mistreated and malnourished children were admitted. They attended public school and were able to find a home at the Fatima Centre.

Usually, the Fatima Centre provides a home for about 100 children and some families. There is a kindergarten and the children are provided with school education in the home's own school from "Elementary" to grade 12 of "High School". The school is attended by more than 600 students. Besides the children of the Fatima Centre, children from the surrounding area also attend the school. However, since Covid came in, the number is only half of the usal number currently.

The Fatima Centre is a non-governmental institution and is financed by the sale of its own products (own pig breeding, rice, vegetable and fruit cultivation, fish breeding, goats, chickens) and donations. In emergency situations (typhoons, floods, ...) it offers shelter, food and clothing to affected people in the area.
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Where the Fatima Centre is located

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